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Aranet and Ubiqisense team up to...

Danish-based Ubiqisense which is a frontrunner in measuring space occupancy and analytics, has formally entered an agreement with Aranet, a stock-listed Latvian-based developer and manufacturer of sensors to measure indoor air quality.

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Ubiqisense Strengthens UK Presence through...

Ubiqisense, a Danish company specializing in occupancy and footfall analytics, today announce a partnership with IDNS, a leading UK IT and AV solutions integrator. Together, the two companies will bring new analytical experiences to smart buildings and hybrid work environments within the public sector in the UK.
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Ubiqisense Joins Forces with HP | Poly...

Ubiqisense, a Danish company specializing in occupancy and footfall analytics solutions today, is collaborating with HP | Poly, a respected provider of pro-grade audio and video solutions, to bring new analytical experiences to hybrid work environments. This new relationship brings together Ubiqisense's unique occupancy analytics application with Poly Lens software to provide device management and insights.
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Anonymous headcount furthers the price per square metre

Empty offices and dead square metres cost a lot of money in shops and building operations. Ubiqisense has created a solution that paves the way for better space utilisation by counting people anonymously.
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Why it Makes Financial Sense to Invest in...

Soaring energy prices make space optimization and smarter energy use a no-brainer. In the recent months, the price of energy has gone through the roof.
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