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DEAS Uses Data-Driven Space Planning...

DEAS uses data-driven space planning to optimize their properties by collecting occupancy data and analyzing behavioral patterns.
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AI Innovation House Integrates Data-Driven Solution...

AI Innovation House uses Ubiqisense's occupancy sensors and analytics application to optimize their spaces, reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency through data-driven decisions.
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The FacilityCobot project

The goal of a new innovation project, FacilityCobot, is to develop a unique mobile robot that can relieve cleaning staff from repetitive or physically exhausting tasks.
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Onemedia appointed distributor of Ubiqisense...

Onemedia are delighted to announce a distribution partnership with Ubiqisense to further enhance the portfolio with products designed to facilitate agile working in the modern workspace.
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Incube and Ubiqisense partner to optimise...

55% of employees would prefer to be remote at least three days a week once pandemic concerns recede.
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Collaboration on Standards to Structure Security

LinkedIn Twitter Facebook UbiqiSense, der designer intelligente kontorer, har fået sat deres sikkerhedsarbejde i system i samarbejde med FORCE Technology. Standarder er ikke så lige til for en startup-virksomhed, så når sikkerheden skal være i top, er der brug for sparring.
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FacilityCobot – Automating Facility Management...

Repeated clearing and wiping of tables cause soreness in the neck and shoulders, but now, a robot helper is on his way to assist the cafeteria staff. The research project Facility Cobot will develop robots with sensor technology and artificial intelligence that can help out the cleaning staff.
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Ubiqisense attends Amazon Web Services' Online Summit

Klaus Grouleff, Head of Software Development, presents how Ubiqisense used AWS edge computing to monitor social distancing in Danish shopping mall CITY2, as well as challenges and solutions.
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Danish technology will monitor whether...

New tool can spot where people congregate - and predict where they will do so in the future.
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Monitoring corona compliance with video...

Ubiqisense's sensor technology and data analytics can be integrated with existing surveillance cameras to measure behavior with 100% GDPR compliance.
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