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Anonymous headcount furthers the price per square metre

Empty offices and dead square metres cost a lot of money in shops and building operations. Ubiqisense has created a solution that paves the way for better space utilisation by counting people anonymously.
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Why it Makes Financial Sense to Invest in...

Soaring energy prices make space optimization and smarter energy use a no-brainer. In the recent months, the price of energy has gone through the roof.
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Powered Or Battery-Based Occupancy Sensors?

An insight into the reasons behind our choice of technology, to help you make your decision. In today’s world of building management, sustainability is getting more and more attention.
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How to transform from workspace to...

Palle Geltzer Dinesen, CEO and co-founder, attending Global PropTech’s Real Estate Innovation Day where he discusses how important adaptability and tech are for the post-Covid and future office.
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Using Occupancy Sensors to Improve Sustainability...

We all know the need for environmental sustainability. And we often hear how we can improve things - through recycling, cutting our air miles, planting more trees, or cycling instead of taking the car
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Workspace sensors: Getting it right

Installing workspace sensors in your office to measure space utilization can prove very beneficial. Here, we outline the different sensor types at Ubiqisense and their benefits.
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The Future of Office Workspaces & the Value of Data

Due to unpredictable times, it is hard to develop the right office space. With Ubiqisense, smart technology and data analytics enable you to optimize your spaces and employee productivity.
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Office space utilization & efficiency...

Remote work comes with repercussions. However, booking software and smart sensors can get you away from complex space utilization and efficiency metrics.
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