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Our solutions are designed to meet the challenges of office spaces. Increased human interaction combined with the need for flexible and adaptive office utilization.


Why choose Ubiqisense?

End-to-end solution

Ubiqisense is an end-to-end solution of highly intelligent workspace occupancy sensors and a cloud analytics platform. Monitor pre-defined zones while counting, tracking, and detecting people’s presence anonymously.

Futureproof AI

The intelligent workspace sensors deploy the latest in deep learning with continuous deployment of sensor intelligence improvements and new features seamlessly over-the-air.

Actionable insights

Access to dashboard offers insights that are highly actionable to help maximize office (and building) spaces, eliminate employee waste time, and save millions in unused real estate costs.


Intelligent workspace sensors

A sensor from Ubiqisense

Ubiqisense sensors extract useful information about people and spaces anonymously. Data is processed directly inside the sensors transmitting real-time workplace utilization data to understand how the office space is really being used.


Smart data in a clear way

Ubiqisense Dashboard

The Ubiqisense dashboard provides real time and historical occupancy and space utilization across sites and buildings to individual rooms and desks. Granularity and frequency unmatched by any other solution in the market today.


IP cameras and video management

Deploy analytics on any IP-based camera or VMS, with no changes to your existing camera infrastructure. Great for larger areas such as production facilities, warehouses, shopping centers, and outdoor environments.


Occupancy report

Get a glimpse of the type of intelligent data you will get access to with Ubiqisense.

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Feature list

11 smart features

01 Foot Fall

Get accurate people count across meeting rooms, offices, entries and exits.

02 Occupancy

Remove the guesswork and identify your factual office and building usage. Narrow your search across sites, offices, and meeting rooms and transform your building to a smart, people-centric hub.

03 Display

Communicate safety for your employees and customers by installing Ubiqisense's display solutions across your office, building, and retail.

04 Automation

Avoid meeting rooms and desks that are appearing booked when actually being empty. No-shows are no longer a problem. Integrated with any booking or workspace management system through the free of charge API.

05 Heat map

Get a detailed visual overview with Heat Map functionality to identify usage patterns and understand people behavior.

06 Report

Analyze occupancy through the Dashboard and extract important data to excel/PDF.

07 Social distance

Define the maximum number of people in a space and be notified when the limit is reached, making it easier to plan for a safer and more controlled return to the office.

08 Unlimited users

Enable as many users with different user rights as needed. The Dashboard comes with three predefined users: Super Admin, Technical user, and view only.

09 Sensor stitching

Our stitching sensor solution is relevant when bigger areas of interest are needed and multiple sensors are required. Stereo calibration makes it possible having many sensors work as one.

10 Virtual Zones

Create specific areas and zones down to single desks in our system and get full insight on usage. Integrate to any booking system for desk booking capabilities.

11 Geo fencing

Control and manage the sensor coverage area and avoid double counting, blind zones, glass walls and irrelevant spaces.


Endless possibilities

Integrate Ubiqisense sensors with any room booking system, building management (BMS), and workspace platform (IWMS) through API, BACnet, or MQTT broker.

If you already have hardware installed, such as IP cameras, you can use our software to monitor occupancy and people flow. Ubiqisense easily integrates to help translate videos feeds into anonymous people counting and detailed reports - ideal for large spaces and outdoor areas.

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“Enterprise customers can benefit from Ubiqisense occupancy sensors which are seamlessly integrated with Planon software solutions. The highly valuable and reliable insights into building occupancy are becoming more and more important and valuable."

Iwan van Eldijk, VP Partnership & Alliances, Planon

“The smart workspace sensors that Ubiqisense develops are sophisticated technology. They offer us additional, detailed and valuable monitoring data that helps our clients to constantly identify new opportunities to further optimise the workspace for a productive workforce."

Mark van de Logt, Commercial Director, iotspot

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