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Building: Main

Total entered: 502
Total exited: 72

Room: Sky

Capacity: 20 people
Average occupancy: 83%

Meeting room: ABC

Capacity: 35 people
Average occupancy: 60%
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the data and adapt to people

Workspaces are expensive and they are usually underutilized. We help you base your decisions on clear insights on how your spaces are being used.


Of workspaces are underutilized






Your potential savings with space optimization

Reduce costs
from day one,

by knowing how & when your spaces are being used and start optimizing according to the data.

Live occupancy

Gives you an instant overview and shows you where and what you can optimize


It saves you time, energy & reduces costs when you integrate our solution with booking, facility management, cleaning or other smart solutions. can optimize

Act on data

After a period of collecting occupancy data you will start to see patterns & trends, so you will be able to understand how your spaces are actually being used.

Keep up with the people

Things change with people, the weather, the season and so on, but now you have the data that will keep you a few steps ahead.

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people in a coworking space
Avg. Time occupied
Avg. Space Utilisation
Possible space optimisation
people working in a space that is monitored by ubiqisense sensor
Small - yet so powerful

Save big on reduced real estate costs while enabling a better workplace experience.

Made for all types of spaces.

Ubiqisense tracks usage patterns throughout office floors, meeting rooms, open spaces, and at shared desks.

Anonymous & Live occupancy

The anonymized data is then transmitted in real time to help understand how spaces are actually being used.


Know how many people have entered and exited the building at all time.

Explore the details & Compare

Compare spaces, see which work and which don’t with a granularity and frequency that are unmatched by any other solution on the market today.

Go back in time

Get a better understanding of your spaces by analyzing the historical data on occupancy and space utilization.

Get help with the Important workspace decisions.

Small yet so powerfull

To move or not to move

If you think that you need to move into a bigger or a smaller place, or even if you are considering to go full-on remote, it is a big decision that you should base on occupancy data. The findings might end up surprising you and could potentially save you millions in real estate costs.

Optimize your Meeting rooms

It is a challenge to get it right. If meeting rooms are always occupied, if you have too many of them or if they are too big or too small. These are details that you can understand by analyzing the data. Fixing the meeting room challenge will drastically improve workplace experience as well.

Redesign your workspaces

See which areas are most used by people and adapt your workspaces to how they are being utilized. The heat map will show you if there are areas that are not used and can maybe fit an extra mute box, or if there are areas that are too crowded and need to be changed. The data will guide you.

Save energy

When you know the patterns and you spot the trends, then you can adapt energy usage to people. You will know when you can start heating the building, you will know which spaces need to be cleaned and you will even know how many people your kitchen should prepare food for.

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people working in a space that is monitored by ubiqisense sensor

IP cameras and video management

If you already have hardware installed, such as IP cameras or VMS, you can use our software to monitor occupancy and people flow with no changes to your existing camera infrastructure.

Ubiqisense easily integrates to help translate video feeds into anonymous people counting and detailed reports - ideal for large spaces and outdoor areas.

illustration of how ubiqisense uses integrations

Integrations. Endless possibilities

Integrate Ubiqisense sensors with any room booking system, building management (BMS) and workspace platform (IWMS) through API, BACnet or MQTT broker.

Understand the possiblities and benefits

Every building and office space is unique. Let is help you explore and estimate the potential benefits of optimizing your building.

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Our customers say

“With Ubiqisense’s solution, we gain insights on how and when our spaces are being utilized. This enables us to adjust and be ahead of our customers' needs while maximizing our spaces as every square meter comes with a cost.”

Frederik Tauber, CCO, BLOXHUB

“With Ubiqisense's people counting solution in our entry/exits, we connect the data to our building management system, resulting in reduced and smarter ways of utilizing energy consumption.“

Peter Weitzmann, Concept Development Manager, NCC

“Ubiqisense’s intelligent and affordable solution empowers us with data which we apply to optimize space utilization without intruding on user experience.”

Peter Torstensen, CEO Symbion

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