Sense People. Optimize Space.

Save millions by reducing real estate costs, while enabling a better workplace experience.

An occupancy solution built to bring you value.

End to end solution

Ubiqisense is an end-to-end solution of highly intelligent workspace occupancy sensors and a cloud-based analytics platform. Monitor entire spaces or pre-defined zones to count and position people completely anonymously.

Futureproof AI

Our occupancy sensors use the latest in AI and deep learning. Without any hassle or the need for human assistance, the sensors are updated with the newest features on a continuous basis.

Actionable insights

Spaces are being used. It makes it easy to spot trends and it helps optimize workspace usage, which can lead to millions saved in unused real estate costs.

Maximizing workspace utilization enables you to save millions on reduced real estate costs.

Anonymous & invaluable

Ubiqisense tracks usage patterns throughout office floors, meeting rooms, open spaces, and at shared desks. The sensors detect people in all types of spaces. The anonymized data is then transmitted in real time to help understand how spaces are actually being used.

Smart data in a clear way

The advanced analytics platform displays workspace utilization trends and helps spot opportunities for optimization. The dashboard provides real time and historical data on occupancy and space utilization of any given workspace. Granularity and frequency are un- matched by any other solution in the market today.

Integrations -
Endless possibilities

Integrate Ubiqisense sensors with any room booking system, building management (BMS) and workspace platform (IWMS) through API, BACnet or MQTT broker.

Use energy on people, not empty spaces.

By understanding how people use, interact  with the buildings and with each other we can create a much better environment for people to work in

Start taking transformative decisions and reduce underutilized spaces while creating a better workplace experience

Feature list

8 smart benefits

01 Occupancy

Remove the guesswork and identify your factual office and building usage. Narrow your search across sites, offices and meeting rooms and start transforming your building to a smart, people-centric hub.

02 Footfall measurements

Measure footfall traffic across flexible virtual lines and aggregate data to measure true occupancy in office floors and other spaces with multiple entrances

03 Automation

Avoid meeting rooms and desks that are booked, but not actually used (ghosting). Integrate live occupancy data with any booking and workspace management system to get rid of no shows and wasted space on meetings that end early. All thanks to our included open APIs

04 Heat map

Get a detailed visual utilization overview with our heatmap feature to identify detailed utilization, popular vs. unpopular spots and much more.

05 Virtual zones

Create specific areas and zones down to single desks and get extensive insights on their usage. Integrate with any booking system for desk booking capabilities.

06 Social distance

Define the maximum number of people in a space and be notified when the limit is reached, making it easier to plan for a safer work environment.

07 Sensor stitching

This solution is relevant in bigger areas, where multiple sensors are required. Multi-sensor calibration makes it possible having many sensors work as one.

08 Reports

Get extensive occupancy analytics with the Dashboard and easily extract important data to excel/PDF.

IP cameras and video management

If you already have hardware installed, such as IP cameras or VMS, you can use our software to monitor occupancy and people flow with no changes to your existing camera infrastructure. Ubiqisense easily integrates to help translate video feeds into anonymous people counting and detailed reports - ideal for large spaces and outdoor areas.


Our customers say

“With Ubiqisense’s solution, we gain insights on how and when our spaces are being utilized. This enables us to adjust and be ahead of our customers' needs while maximizing our spaces as every square meter comes with a cost.”

Frederik Tauber, CCO, BLOXHUB

“With Ubiqisense's people counting solution in our entry/exits, we connect the data to our building management system, resulting in reduced and smarter ways of utilizing energy consumption.“

Peter Weitzmann, Concept Development Manager, NCC

“Ubiqisense’s intelligent and affordable solution empowers us with data which we apply to optimize space utilization without intruding on user experience.”

Peter Torstensen, CEO Symbion

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