There is not one perfect solution to fix all the challenges we are facing when it comes to Real Estate or Sustainability. Therefore we are part of an ecosystem with many different organizations that help connect PropTech companies with each other and the real estate industry. Together we can make change happen and create awareness around all the eye-opening solutions out there.

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Niels Flemming
Director of Operations

Part of these strong communities

Danish Industry Foundation
Denmark's biggest organization for businesses and employers.
Global Proptech
A global innovation platform that helps real estate and proptech meet through different knowledge-sharing activities.
Lighting Metropolis
A non-profit organization working on improving and making lighting infrastructure in Denmark more sustainable.
Proptech Denmark
A non-profit organization that nurtures innovation and technology-enabled initiatives in Real Estate.
Smart Building Certification
A benchmark for smart buildings. Created to help the real estate industry improve, optimize and innovate.
UK Green Building Council
A charity and an industry-led network created with the purpose to improve sustainability in the built environment.
Global platform for PropTech procurement
The Sustainable Buildings Alliance (SBA)
A strategic collaboration between Danish companies and North American building owners and stakeholders in the greenbuild sector to promote sustainable solutions in the built environment.
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