Sense humans.
Optimize space.

Maximize building and office space utilization, save millions on reduced real estate costs while creating the future workplace within one platform.

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Creating a smarter office space


Ubiqisense tracks movement patterns throughout office floors, meeting rooms, open spaces, and at your shared desks.


Our advanced analytics platform helps you to easily spot utilization trends and opportunities for optimization.


Start taking transformative decisions and accelerate productivity, increase safety, and decrease under-utilized spaces.

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Our customers say

“With Ubiqisense’s solution, we gain insights on how and when our spaces are being utilized. This enables us to adjust and be ahead of our customers' needs while maximizing our spaces as every square meter comes with a cost.”

Frederik Tauber, CCO, BLOXHUB

“With Ubiqisense's people counting solution in our entry/exits, we connect the data to our building management system, resulting in reduced and smarter ways of utilizing energy consumption.“

Peter Weitzmann, Concept Development Manager, NCC

“Ubiqisense’s intelligent and affordable solution empowers us with data which we apply to optimize space utilization without intruding on user experience.”

Peter Torstensen, CEO Symbion

Video case

Bloxhub maximizes space utilization with sensors


Serving your purpose

Corporate offices


Ensure tenant satisfaction and prevent cancelled contracts

Using our intelligent software in your property enables you to identify issues before they turn into real problems such as residents outgrowing available space.

Higher education

Use classrooms efficiently and optimize education time

Enhance your teaching environment and ensure that both teachers and students work in a productive space without sitting in half-empty or cramped rooms.


Take your store to the next level

Make your retail smart and understand your customers’ buying behavior. With occupancy sensors you can track how customers move around a store. Gain data insights to optimize your shelf and store design for optimum customer experience.

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Every building and office space is unique. Let us help you explore and estimate the potential benefits of optimizing your building.

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