If you know how your spaces are being used, you can

Make smarter investments

Design better workspaces

Reduce costs

Save energy

Reduce carbon footprint.

Ubiqisense dashboard
Occupancy sensor

An occupancy solution built to help with all your workspace priorities

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With Ubiqisense’s solution, we gain insights
on how and when our spaces are being utilized. This enables us to adjust and be ahead of our customers’ needs while maximizing our spaces as every square meter comes with a cost.
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How Ubiqisense can help

Office spaces


People sitting in an office

Count footfall in all entries and exits and learn the number of visitors in peak periods. Adjust your office set-up, manage operational cost and ensure your employee’s safety by only allowing a limited number of people.

Enrich the company culture of your team with sensor data providing valuable insights into how people and employees interact in the office space.

Co-working Spaces


Coworking space

Ensure tenant satisfaction and prevent cancelled contracts. Using our intelligent software in your property enables you to identify issues before they turn into real problems such as tenants outgrowing available space.

Educational Institutions



Use classrooms efficiently and optimize education time. Enhance your teaching environment and ensure that both teachers and students work in a productive space without sitting in half empty or cramped rooms.



Gather data on customer traffic patterns and dwell times, which can inform decisions on store layout and product placement. Occupancy sensors can help retailers optimize operations in various ways.

illustration of work space optimization

Workspace Optimiziation

Right-sizing your real-estate portfolio can save you millions

Get an overview of when and how your spaces are being used, so you can optimize your people-space allocation. Right-sizing your real-estate portfolio can save you millions, and optimizing unused spaces can postpone costly expansions.
People working in a room that is optimized with ubiqisense sensor
The sensor
Gather data
a snipper from the ubiqisense dashboard
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Workplace Experience

Real time and historical data on occupancy and space utilization

The advanced analytics platform displays workspace usage trends and helps spot opportunities for optimization. The dashboard provides real time and historical data on occupancy and space utilization of any given workspace. Granularity and frequency unmatched by any other solution in the market today
Dashboard showing space occupancy patterns
illustration of identifying workspace usage trends
a screenshot of ubiqisense dashboard
Ubiqisense sensor collects fully anonymized data
The sensors are fully GDPR compliant, as all the processing happens on the device. No images, no logs or any kind of data is stored on the device or reported to the cloud. All you see is moving dots on a heat map.
illustration of data protection
illustration of integration

Integrations - the way forward

Easily integrate with fellow technology

Experience the benefits of smart buildings by combining proptech solutions that already work well together. Our API can easily integrate with fellow technology and our sensors used together with other solutions can provide you with insights + action + people nudging, all automated. The seamless interaction between technology that works well together will take the workplace experience to the next level.
Ubiqisense sensor
image of seamless interaction between technology
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