Built to easily & seamlessly integrate with other PropTech solutions.

We did that because we want to help create or be part of a complete Smart Building solution.

The insights you get from our sensors are already valuable enough and in combination with other solutions can put important resource-saving processes on autopilot.

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Current integrations

We already integrate with a lot of smart solutions through APIs, BACnet or MQTT broker. The list is constantly getting longer and we welcome you to contact us if you believe that integrating with your solution would make sense.

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New integrations

We already integrate with a lot of smart solutions, but we can always create new integrations on demand, you just need to contact us for that.

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Our current tech partners

Vitani Energy Systems logo


Built with Google Maps technology, MapsPeople offers the same benefits, but indoors. Using our occupancy sensors together with MapsPeople, you can see in real time how many people are in different spaces. You can see if a meeting room is booked and you can see if there are actually people in the room. Using both technologies together, saves precious time spent on finding available spaces.

Planon logo


MazeMap offers a user-friendly digital wayfinding solution for large campuses, such as universities, hospitals, offices, hotels, and event venues. Beyond navigation, they provide tools for booking spaces, visualizing layouts, indoor positioning, and integrating IoT devices, making it easier to navigate and manage intricate environments. logo

Poly | HP

Poly | HP, a leader in pro-grade audio and video solutions, is revolutionizing the future of work. Specializing in solutions that empower remote and hybrid work, Poly | HP provides the essential tools for seamless collaboration and co-creation. This collaboration integrates Ubiqisense's analytics application with Poly Lens software, offering key insights to unlock a new era of work efficiency, productivity, and data-driven decision-making.

Edge next logo


Amazon Web Services (AWS), the premier cloud platform, provides 200+ global services, empowering millions of customers from startups to government agencies to cut costs, enhance agility, and drive innovation. Renowned for exceptional services, deep functionality, and the largest community of customers and partners, AWS is the preferred choice for a secure, scalable, and innovative cloud environment that ensures your digital transformation reaches its full potential.

Edge next logo


Aranet offers industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for a variety of industries, including horticulture, indoor air quality, hvac, poultry&live stock making it easy to collect and analyze real-time data to ensure the improvement of any business or environment.

Our current Integration partners

Lotti logo


Lotti is a plug-and-play IoT Solution that helps customers reduce their real estate carbon footprint, costs, and inefficiencies by measuring key sustainability and building data. The Lotti Smart Building Platform acts as an independent data layer, delivering essential data to Building Management Systems, ESG Reporting tools, Energy Management, and Workspace Control Tools using an API connector.

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iotspot logo

iot spot

A well-known integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that combines all sorts of protech solutions including our occupancy and footfall sensors and presents the data on an intuitive app and dashboard. With iotspot, you can manage your workspaces, bringing transparency to seat, desk and room availability and making it easy to book and share spaces.

spaceti logo


An IWMS company that offers a safe and efficient way to manage any type of space. Spaceti comes with a holistic view of space management providing workplace analytics that collects data from their own sensors or third-party sensors like ours and also indoor air quality management (temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.). To complete the analytics, they created a workplace app that turns booking and communication into an easy process.

Areo logo


A smart building platform that enables owners, managers, operators and occupiers to safely share data and easily collaborate. It can be used for managing occupancy, thermal comfort or leak detection and more. logo

Flowscape Solutions

Discover Flowscape Solutions, the result of a strategic partnership between Flowscape and Crowdsoft Technology. Focused on optimizing workplace experiences, their approach centers on minimizing friction and enhancing communication flow. From efficient desk reservations to streamlined meeting coordination, Flowscape Solutions offers a range of tools for a more productive and interconnected workspace.

Mymesh logo


Mymesh provides any workspace with secure, reliable, and scalable light and ventilation management system.

Pronestor Logo

Sign In Workspace

A workplace management platform offering desk booking, meeting scheduling, visitor & meeting room management, plus analytical management insights. Sign In Workspace is a complete solution, holding your hand from finding an available desk, scheduling a meeting, automating the visitor journey to finally locating your booked meeting room. logo

Foot Analytics

Foot Analytics is dedicated to optimizing office spaces with their iKnos Corporate platform. Their solutions help organizations improve space utilization, reduce real estate costs, promote sustainability, and enhance employee experiences through real-time data insights.

ProptechOS logo

Proptech OS

An innovative operating system for real estate owners. ProptechOS is a platform created for building management, integrating all building data from any system together with all data and IoT data. This way ProptechOS turns your property portfolio into an application platform.

I'm OK logo


Neowit revolutionizes property management with its intuitive software solution. Their platform provides a comprehensive suite of features, including occupancy management, lighting optimization, & energy efficiency tracking, all designed to streamline building management & enhance the well-being of occupants.

Edge next logo

Edge Next

Using data to make better buildings, Edge Next offers a smart solution that helps optimize the performance of any building. It uses different sensors to extract data and insights that will help make buildings smarter, healthier, and more sustainable.

Vitani Energy Systems logo

Iterator IT

Iterator IT is dedicated to helping industrial and diverse organizations embrace digitalization through IoT. They recognize that IoT is not just a technology but a mindset that opens up numerous possibilities by connecting physical products to the internet. Their role is to guide clients in identifying opportunities and ideas, transforming them into scalable business solutions.

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