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We work with and through partners and we do that because we believe that we can get further and get better by working together. Our partners are part of the extended team so being a good match is on top of our list. You can’t swipe right, but you can click and start a conversation with us.

Partner programs

We called it a program because it needed a name, but in the end the concept is very simple. You can become a distributor or reseller in your local market(s) or we can do some interesting integrations or projects together.


We built our solution to easily integrate with other smart solutions, be that booking systems, building management systems (BMS),  integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), or activity-based cleaning solutions. We are always open to relevant integrations, where we can add value to each other’s solutions. Read more about our currently available integrations and contact us for new ones.

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Global resellers

We are present globally through our partners that are present locally. Our distributors and resellers are trained and constantly in contact with us, to make sure that the quality of our services are consistent everywhere. Find your local representative here or contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner.

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The Ecosystem

This is an important category for us because we are not alone in this industry, we are part of an ecosystem where we work together to achieve the same goal. Together we are changing real estate as you are reading this, making it a more optimized and sustainable environment. Read more about the organizations we are members of.

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A few of our partners

How we work

When we send our sensors out in the world, we make sure that our partners are ready to take care of them. Our sensors are easy to mount and setup, but all that needs to be done correctly if we want to get the most accurate and actionable insights & that is definitely what we want. That is why onboarding and continuous communication is necessary


The must-have step where you end up knowing as much about our sensors as Oskar, our tech prodigy, who knows everything about how to mount and set up our sensors.


We will continue being there, supporting you every time you need help and updating you every time we have something new to share.


As we growand our solution develops, so will you. We update you and train you as we dowith all our team members.

Yes, you can try it out

Demo kit

We created a Demo kit to help you test our sensors and experience the benefits of our solution. The insights you gain will most likely change the way you look at your spaces, but it is always good to test it out and experience it firsthand, that is why you can always start by ordering this occupancy goodie box.

In the box:

  • 2/4 Sensors
  • All licenses
  • Access to dashboard
  • Continuous Support

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