Ubiqisense Strengthens UK Presence through IDNS Ltd Collaboration

Ubiqisense, a Danish company specializing in occupancy and footfall analytics, today announce a partnership with IDNS, a leading UK IT and AV solutions integrator. Together, the two companies will bring new analytical experiences to smart buildings and hybrid work environments within the public sector in the UK.

This new relationship brings Ubiqisense's unique occupancy sensors and analytics application together with the design, integration and implementation expertise of IDNS.

Real data to enable smart buildings

As a result of this collaboration, (users=) building operators in the public sector such as schools, academic institutions and the health sector can utilize the analytic features in the Ubiqisense platform to measure the impact of the technology solutions delivered by IDNS. The Ubiqisense solution provides valuable insights into space utilization, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and ultimately optimise space and energy consumption based on real and accurate data.

Palle G. Dinesen, CEO and Co-Founder of Ubiqisense says, "This is a very important step for Ubiqisense, underlining our commitment to support our customers locally and also expanding our business on the global scene." Palle G. Dinesen further expressed, "IDNS has a strong organization and has already secured several deals and trials on our solution, and we are looking forward to continuing the journey.”

"Partnering with Ubiqisense allows us to strengthen our offering and address the evolving needs of our customers," said Darren Clayman, Managing Director of IDNS. "Access to better data is very important in the public sector, especially around room optimization. In Ubiqisense, we’re partnering with a global leader to provide our customers with valuable insights into the usage of the technology solutions we deliver.

About Ubiqisense

Ubiqisense is a Danish company at the forefront of Occupancy and Footfall Sensors and Analytics applications. With a strong commitment to delivering deep analytics on occupancy data, Ubiqisense empowers customers and partners with valuable insights into space utilization. The company's solutions are deployed globally across various sectors, contributing to improved operational efficiency and informed decision-making.

Ubiqisense has successfully deployed their UC2 sensors in various buildings around the world, typically in universities/colleges, large enterprises, and hospitals. Furthermore, an integration between Ubiqisense algorithms and IP cameras enables customers to utilize existing and newly deployed cameras and achieve the same insight. This expansion simplifies deployments and broadens coverage, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the solution.

See more at: ubiqisense.com

Contact: Christian Galle | CCO | +45 24 26 20 90 | christian.galle@ubiqisense.com

About IDNS

IDNS is a privately owned company based in Bolton, UK. IDNS have been at the forefront of technology design, integration, and implementation for over 30 years and are a multi-award-winning company. They are experts in delivering digital transformation across education, healthcare and local government.

IDNS has built an in-house team of highly experienced and industry accredited professionals. All such staff are as a minimum CTS qualified with further industry accreditations such as CTS-I and CTS-D within the team. Our project management processes are backed up with a mix of PRINCE2, Agile; and experiential work practices to give a professional service throughout. 

IDNS aim to put back into society more than they take out by pioneering technological change, delivering social value and embedding sustainability into everything they do.

See more at: idns.co.uk

Contact: Daniel Jennings | Head of Marketing | daniel.jennings@idns.co.uk

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