September 2, 2021

Incube and Ubiqisense partner to optimise space utilisation for occupier comfort and cost-efficiencies

Through a greater understanding of space utilisation, businesses can better manage working practices, space planning, consumables orders, cleaning schedules, energy efficiencies and more.

CubeOS allows commercial real estate landlords or tenants to connect any data source in a building, into one central platform that provides insights, control and automated workflows. 

Developed by Incube, this consolidated IoT platform enables you to ensure your spaces can adapt in real-time to changing use and demand. 

The main use cases from CubeOS is to optimise space utilisation and indoor air quality which enable your spaces to stay cost-effective, efficient, productive and sustainable.

One of the thousands of possible integrations is with Ubiqisense, which provide intelligent sensor solutions that empower us with the data to optimise space utilisation.

Customer benefits

Through the integration, organizations will be able to use Ubiqisense sensors capture important insights including:

  • Capacity usage 

  • Footfall heat maps & traffic flows

  • Social distancing & pinch points

  • People counting

Through a greater understanding of space utilisation, businesses can better manage working practices, space planning, consumables orders, cleaning schedules, energy efficiencies and more. 

CubeOS then uses these insights along with data captured from other sensors such as Indoor Air Quality and integrations with the BMS to create real-time automated workflows and ensure optimum use of space for occupier comfort.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Ubiqisense having already used their sensors with our corporate clients to great effect in the past. The space utilisation data gathered opens up a large range of opportunities to rapidly make your spaces smarter, cost-effective and future-proofed,” says Rishi Chowdhury, Founder & CEO of Incube Space

Return on investment: 

When Ubiqisense sensors show that a four-person meeting room has six people occupying it, we can expect CO2 levels to rise faster than if there were only two. Using the data from IAQ sensors in the meeting room we can see CO2 as it starts to rise, and before it hits unhealthy thresholds, CubeOS will tell the HVAC system to slowly start filtering the room with fresh air.

This way is more proactive than waiting till levels hit a certain number and then pumping fresh air in all at once with loud fans. It ensures the room stays at healthy levels throughout.  

Thanks to data from the Ubiqisense sensors organizations will be in the forefront to enable many more automated workflows such as this as well as recommend space utilisation recommendations over the medium and long term to improve space planning and cost-efficiency.

Did you know


of employees would prefer to be remote at least three days a week once pandemic concerns recede.


of space is underutilised on average, every single day.


of corporate real estate executives, rank space utilisation as the key metric for making workplace decisions.

“We are very pleased to share our partnership with Incube Space. With a seamless integration, Ubiqisense occupancy data is presented in Incube´s centralized platform making it much easier for any organization to manage their building technologies within a single platform.
The combination will no doubt provide sustainable and productive spaces much faster,” says Raziel Bareket, Chief Commercial Officer of Ubiqisense 

Get in touch

If you already use Ubiqisense sensors in your space, it’s easy to set up with CubeOS and bring the insights into one centralised dashboard. If you don’t have any space utilisation sensors currently, then get in touch and we can support you in starting or accelerating your journey to smart, healthy and productive spaces that don’t cost the Earth.

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