Smart Sensor Solutions

Smart Office

Smart Sensor Solutions can enhance workforce productivity

Ensure room space is used optimally

Request cleaning and work orders when needed

Improve indoor air quality with HVAC integration and ensure worker well-being


Information compliance

Ensure offices are left without leaving behind access to proprietary information

Smart Building

Smart Building Technology and sensors can ensure energy savings

Track the activity of building occupants

Reduce energy bill by control of lightning and HVAC equipment in real-time

Become more sustainable by limiting CO2 emissions


Optimize real estate usage

Track and optimize room occupancy


Boost tenant well-being

Improve indoor air quality

Smart Retail

Smart retail solutions based on sensors – know your customer

Anonymously gather customer profile information


Know your hot spots

Gather accurate position of your customer

Obtain high resolution visitor location data

Apply geo-fencing to focus or leave out data from certain store areas


Understand your sale

Synchronize your POS data with anonymous customer profile data